Thursday, 19 June 2014

Why come to Islay in June?

Whilst the eyes of the world turn to Brazil for the worlds greatest football event devotees of beach rugby make their annual pilgrimage to Port Ellen for Islay's greatest sporting event.

Brazil may boast Copacabana beach but for the ultimate chill out experience the deserted beaches of Islay are second to none. They play host to nesting terns and colourful oyster catchers, so come and get a beach of your own.
The vibrant colours are easily surpassed by the greens & golds of Islay. Verdent verges and golden sunshine. The verges are peaking in June with a riot of pinks, reds & purples all hues of native wild orchids and ragged robin. 

Forget the rhythms of  Samba because natures symphony is even better! 

I sign off from Machir Bay at 10.07pm, still waiting for the sun to set.

So why wouldn't you want to come to Islay in June?