Monday, 25 April 2011

the green green grass of home

can you tell the difference!  Well yes you will be able to but you can do all the things on artifical turf that you can do on the real stuff. As you can see it is being thoroughly tested by the "kids" but a big thank you to Frank and Chris who made a momentous journey to lay the lawn and edge the pond. They did a great job.


                                                                                        the pond is now ready for planting up in  June    but there are already tadpoles, water boatmen and
whirlygig beetles bringing life to the pond.

Saturday, 16 April 2011

Here come the girls ...

what a hairy landing .... 4 times around the block and eventually touch down. So a stiff drink was called for. Then an action packed two days included wildlife spotting - lots of seals pups at Portnahaven and Ardbeg, (do try the clooty dumpling at Ardbeg - to die for) and lots of red deer on the road to claggan bay. Well Deb and Chris couldnt resist dipping their toes in the Atlantic, whilst Claire and I observed from a safe distance, then another stiff drink was called for to warm up. And then time for something completley different  scottish country dancing, well what a laught, we were made to feel so welcome and Deb got the gold star for being able to follow the moves another stiff drink was called for to cool down. 
We managed to stretch our legs before a spot of DIY,  up goes the house name, even though we couldn't get the "stud" detector working! The shelves in the oven were sorted, and a picnic table negotiated. the flight out was much easier or at least for some of us .... the culprit knows what I am talking about.

Back up tomorrow to see the lawn that Frank and Christopher have layed and the pond that they have edged, I'll keep you posted....