Friday, 25 February 2011

first signs of Spring at Rowan Cottage

back on Islay, for some peace and quiet. I couldn't wait to check our newly planted hedge for signs of life. Sure enough all were in bud and waiting to burst forth. A future generation of wind breakers. Then off to inspect the many bulbs we had planted in December. The snowdrops are looking fresh and adding some colour to a winter landscape. Lots of other green shoots and more colour to come.

A couple of appointments with local "stone man" and landscape designer, some great ideas and more visions for the garden. A bee friendly fuschia hedge, pebble beach to the pond, Boulder area with special grasses & alpines and a 'one more raised bed for flower lovers.

Some local wildlife has taken up residence by the pond. Fresh dug sandy soil shows we have our very first 'Rowan Rabbit' !

Down at the village hall the local scottish country dancers are practicing for the 29th annual Scottish country dancing weekend at the end of April . They welcomed me and some French visitors into their midst to help us fathom the intricasies of "Mrs Stewart's Jig" and "St Andrew's Gardens". They were very patient, but I managed to get tied up in knots.  To see the ceilidh programme check out the royal scottish country dance society website, or visit the local classes on Islay where there is sure to be a warm welcome.

We'll be back in Spring.